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Certified Women's Health Coach

Root cause healing is what has driven Alexis Adams, MS, WHC towards opening a space for women to be truly supported and cared for in this current climate.  Originally a pre-law student, Alexis changed focus and pivoted towards a Master’s in Exercise Physiology in order to truly understand the biology behind movement and the body.  Also accredited with a certification as a plant based nutritionist, she has propelled her focus into a whole-body approach in order to serve women from menses through menopause; supporting fluctuations along the way.  

Becoming a certified health coach was a natural progression and allowed Alexis to begin understanding that truly feeling held comes with lifestyle management and mindset work incorporated into new healthy habits.  

After an early adulthood of challenging health issues herself, Alexis has poured into research and experience in order to understand the challenges that she herself has faced.  It is with this knowledge that she strives to serve a community of women who are searching for answers as well.  Her primary focus is to support women as they navigate through challenges such as gut health issues, hormonal fluctuations, sleep disorders, and burnout.  

When not researching or assisting coaching clients, Alexis cannot get enough of the outdoors.  She enjoys hiking, biking, swimming, and gardening with her partner and three children.  Alexis grew up in Northern Michigan playing in the woods with her four brothers and now also enjoys spending time with her large family.  

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