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How to Get Back Your Deleted Facebook Messages with Facebook Message Recovery Tool 15

the user interface is clean and simple, and it makes it convenient to use messenger recovering tool for facebook. what's more, as to the official tool, you don't need to worry about registration. all you need to do is to follow the order given by the tool.

Facebook Message Recovery Tool 15

Download Zip:

firstly, to download this tool, go to and follow the instructions on the screen. this tool is provided by the developer to retrieve your facebook account information. just like messenger recover for facebook's official tool, you must input your facebook password at the first step.

follow the instructions on the screen to get your facebook account information. but you still have to input your facebook password before downloading this tool. all you need to do is to switch to the next step. but if you haven't entered your facebook password, you can input it after launching the facebook recover tool.

with the tool, you can recover deleted messages by chatting online with facebook for messenger, video calls, chatting on whatsapp, as well as other features. the software only retrieves the files that the owner uploads to the server. so, if you upload the files to the official server, they will be recovered as well.

the software doesn't save your chats in the recovered folder. and this tool doesn't have any capability to recover the messages within the chats. the only way to recover facebook messages with this tool is to use the official facebook messenger app. users can also recover the deleted chats by using facebook message recovery tool.

messenger recovery tool can actually retrieve your deleted facebook messages as well as the photos and videos you've sent or received through messenger. what's more, messenger recovery tool doesn't remove any of the content you send. the content will remain intact like normal facebook messages.


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