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In "Execution", Margaux escorted her father's body to a private jet be flown back to France with Victoria and Daniel. Victoria told her that she now saw Margaux as part of the family and Daniel comforted her. Later, Margaux's devious younger half-brother Gideon showed up unannounced and tried to convince her that he wasn't interested in running LeMarchal Media but secretly plotted against her and Daniel (with Nolan) by getting Daniel drunk, putting a girl who was dead from a drug overdose in his hotel bed and taking a photo of them both for blackmail purposes.

Body of Proof S03E01.mp4.mp4


A week later, Peter meets Neal in prison and asks how he knew what the fiber was. Neal is slightly insulted and reminds Peter that it's what he does, then asks how upset the Canadians were. Peter laughs and tells him they were as upset as Canadians can get, then asks what their meeting is for. Neal tells him he knows about Peter's current case, and Peter asks how he knows about it. Neal tells him that if Peter knows a lot about him, then he knows a lot about Peter too, asking if he got the birthday cards he'd sent. Peter tells him they were a nice touch, then Neal tells Peter that he'll help him catch The Dutchman. Peter asks how he could help, and Neal presents him with a work-release brochure where he can be released into Peter's custody, to which Peter responds that he knows Neal, and that the second he's out, he'd go after Kate. Neal promises not to run and offers a solution: a tamper-proof GPS tracking anklet that's 'never been skipped on.' Peter points out that there's always a first time. When Neal asks him to 'think about it,' Peter apologizes and leaves. Neal is once more despondent at seeing his ticket out of prison walk out the door.

When Peter goes to see the book dealer and asks about the Snow White books, the dealer points out that Snow White had many different versions, not just the widely-known Disney adaptation. Peter asks if the man means folklore, then shows of his knowledge about the virginally pure queen, and Alexander Pushkin's Tale of the White Princess and the Seven Knights. The book dealer is caught off-guard at this, and Peter then asks what the books are for. Before Tony can answer, the door bursts open, and a man introduces himself as the book dealer's lawyer (credited as Gaines), who tells him to not talk to his client. Frustrated, Peter goes to find the Customs Inspector, and Diana reports that Neal was right and the books aren't worth much. Peter is only half-listening, intent on berating the Customs Inspector as to why he wasn't informed that the book dealer had called his lawyer. The Customs Inspector tells him that he hasn't call anybody, and Peter realizes he was duped and rushes back into the room with everyone on his tail. He bursts through the door and finds the man dead, a hypodermic needle in his neck.

After settling things with the dead body, Neal, Peter and Diana are pouring over the suit cases of books, looking for clues. Neal eventually figures out that The Dutchman is after the top sheet of each book. Peter doesn't look impressed until Neal points out that it is a blank piece of 1944 Spanish press parchment. Diana then rationalizes that The Dutchman was going to counterfeit something that was originally printed on that kind of paper. Peter then searches for more clues through the dead man's wallet and finds a visitor's pass to The National Archives. They head there next, leaving Diana in charge of gathering the books and the dead man's things as evidence.

After the police have found Reginald's body, Bruce and Selina had a brief argument about what happened which ended where they must get close to Sid Bunderslaw. Back at Jim Gordon's apartment, Barbara finds boxes that have been delivered to Selina Kyle for the Wayne Enterprise ball. Upon seeing the shoes associated with the outfit, Selina asks if she has to wear them. Upon arriving at Jim Gordon's apartment, Bruce meets Barbara as Selina emerges in her dress commenting how the shoes were hurting her feet. At the ball, Bruce manages to get close to Sid Bunderslaw to meet him where Selina secretly steals one of his keys. When Gordon comes by his apartment to find Barbara, Selina tells Gordon that Barbara isn't here and learns the description of the man who took her being the description of Jason Skolimski.[18]

Butch Gilzean visited Selina Kyle at where she is living in order for her to take him to some arsonists that would help Oswald Cobblepot. Selina takes Butch to the Pike Brothers. Following the Pike Brothers' heist on a building owned by Wayne Enterprises, Selina visits Bridgit Pike where she is making a fireproof outfit to evade getting burned. While Bridgit as Firefly was fighting Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock, Selina watched from the fire escape. When more police officers showed up as Luke Garrett is accidentally burned, Selina helps Firefly to escape.[23]

While at her place of residence, Selina concocts a plan to get Bridgit out of town before the police can get her. They rob a place that was selling prostitutes to pimps and steal their money. Before Selina can put the next phase of getting Bridgit out of town into action, the van carrying Joe Pike and Cale Pike arrived where Bridgit is abducted by them. Selina returns to her place of residence and gets some guns to go after them. Before she could, Jim Gordon arrived after Harvey Bullock got her location out of Ivy Pepper. Gordon learns from Selina what Bridgit had gone through and that the Pike Brothers have her. Selina advises Gordon not to get her killed. Following Bridgit killing her brothers as Firefly, Selina meets her near the pigeon coop where Bridgit is upgrading her flamethrower. Bridgit tells Selina that she going to use her new talents on the bullies and the perverts as Selina advises Bridgit not to get killed. Later that night, Selina was at Leslie Thompkins's place when Gordon comes in and tells her that Bridgit got burned and that there is a chance that she may not survive. Selina was devastated at the fact that Bridgit got burned on Jim Gordon's watch and states that she shouldn't have trusted him. Before leaving, Selina tells Gordon that they will not interact again. Selina is later seen mourning about what happened to Bridgit by the pigeon coop, feeling more alone than ever. What Gordon and Selina don't know is that Bridgit's still-alive body was taken to an underground Indian Hill facility that is owned by Wayne Enterprises.[24]

Bruce later finds Selina feeding the birds of Bridgit Pike where she voices her knowledge of the recent news. Although Selina didn't care about Hugo Strange's experiments that revived Victor Fries and Theo Galavan, Bruce voices his knowledge on what Strange was doing with Bridgit. Selina persuades Bruce to let him help her get into Arkham Asylum as she knows a way in. While crawling through the ventilations, Selina runs into Edward Nygma who warns Selina not to go into the basement of Arkham Asylum. In exchange for showing him the way out of Arkham Asylum, Nygma tells Selina that he will show her the elevator and asks if she can pick a lock. Selina provides a diversion by picking the lock of Nygma's cell where the guards find that Nygma has escaped. While the alarm is sounded, Selina makes her way to where the secret elevator to the Indian Hill facility is and picks the lock to access it. Upon entering the Indian Hill facility, Selina evades it's personnel and overhears Strange's conversation with Ethel Peabody that Azrael has gone rogue. Selina finally finds the room where Bridgit Pike is in and finds that she is sporting a new outfit. As Pike doesn't remember Selina and claims that she is Firefly, she assumes that Selina is there to test her abilities. Firefly then goes on the attack as Strange and Peabody watch.[35]

Bruce advises Selina that the group in question might know about them and that she should be careful. Upon being visited by Ivy, Selina visits Ivy telling her to stay at the pigeon coop. Selina was with Fish Mooney when Ethel Peabody was in her possession and witnesses Marv drain Ethel's youth. After Ivy was caught by Nancy who wanted to tell Selina about the Bruce Wayne-resembling character, Fish Mooney has Marv use his abilities on her as Selina works to intervene. Upon Ivy being grabbed by Marv, Selina is stopped by one of Fish Mooney's minions as Ivy falls into the drain pipe. Selina then weeped over what just happened.[38]

Subject 514A visits Selina at her squat where he reveals himself to her. While stating to Selina that the Court of Owls have a dangerous plan where he tells her to get out of town, he also states that he had Bruce Wayne removed from Gotham City and advises her not to tell Alfred. When Selina plans to and starts to ask him what he is going to do about it, Subject 514A reluctantly pushes her out the window where she is motionless. A lot of cats start swarming over her body.[49] 350c69d7ab


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