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Joshua's counterpart in The Animation seems to have undergone the greatest change out of the main characters. Many of his interests, such as Tin Pin, history, and shopping, as well as his love for ramen, are absent. While his tendencies to tease, snark with, and deliberately annoy Neku are toned down, he also comes across colder and more eerie, with his genuine moments reflecting on the connections between people and the ways they change often being re-written as condescending or dismissive, and the scenes where he displays vulnerability, such as recounting his life in the RG or being visibly upset over Sota and Nao's Erasure, also being rewritten to exclude that part of him. Many of the moments where he relates to Neku or bonds with him are also removed, or occasionally edited to make Joshua sound more bored and uninterested - such as his reaction to Neku finding out CAT's identity - placing a distance between the two to the point that Neku, unlike his game counterpart, never refers to Joshua as a friend, and doesn't invite him to Hachiko in the final episode (unless him offering his hand towards the viewer is meant to concey this.) On top of that, while he can often be seen touching Neku or getting in his personal space (when he gives Neku his memories back he moves his mouth very close to Neku's,) he is not verbally flirtatious, nor fond of innuendos, like his game counterpart is. He is also more energetic and active when attacking the Noise or Sho Minamimoto. When Taboo Sho tries to attack him, Joshua shows a more sadistic side as he impales him with multiple sharp attacks that leave him still conscious but stuck against the ground, as opposed to just swiftly crushing him like he did in the game. Unlike his game counterpart that smiles at Neku with Hanekoma after shooting him during their final confrontation and sending him back to RG, appearing to show pride in Neku's growth, in the anime his smile turns into a very serious expression despite smiling right before pulling the trigger. Instead, he smiles later while talking about Neku's growth privately with Hanekoma. The reasons for these changes are unknown, although the limited number of episodes may have played a part.

Talk To Me (Adam Trigger Remix)




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