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James Garcia

Download _HOT_ Italian Movie The Killer

This controversial slasher from Lucio Fulci is still censored in the U.K. to this day. It's a gruesome, excessive tale about a serial killer brutalizing women in New York City. While Fulci wanted to make a movie about American exorbitance, competitiveness, and misogyny, many audiences have been turned off by all the blood and sex depicted in the film.

Download italian movie The Killer

In the movie, the killer turns out to be a man who loses it after his sick, young daughter is given a poor diagnosis in the hospital. Fulci is known for not holding back with violence, and this film is one of his most gratuitous.

Unfortunately, there's a crazed former performer stalking them. The man, who just escaped a mental hospital, locks the actors in the theater, taking them out one by one in showy and melodramatic ways. The killer also wears coveralls and a large owl mask throughout the movie, one that becomes more and more bloody as the bodies add up.


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