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Verizon Buying A New Phone

Are you ready to add a new line of service to your existing Verizon Wireless account? Watch this video to see the steps.To follow along with the video, open the Devices page, where you'll start by seeing the top phones, tablets and devices to choose from.After you've made your device selection, if you're not already signed into My Verizon, you'll be asked to do that before continuing. Pause the video when needed to continue with the steps in My Verizon. Or, print the video transcript for more guidance.If you still have questions that need answering, check out our FAQ page.

verizon buying a new phone

In the shopping cart, review your order and confirm all the selections you've made. Enter any promo codes you may have and review your estimated sales tax. Once done, click Checkout to continue.In order to complete your order, you'll need to review the checkout page. You'll first see your delivery options. You can choose to have your new device shipped to you, or if the service is available, you'll see an option to pick it up at a local store. If you select In-Store Pickup, you'll be prompted to complete a customer verification. Once you've made your shipping or pickup selection, edit or review your payment information.Under the "Device Information" section, you'll see that we've assigned a phone number for your new device. If you'd like to change this number, click Edit. Select I want a new number to choose a different number than the one provided. Just select a new number from the drop down menu. You can also transfer a number from another carrier. You'll need to provide the existing mobile number, account number, pin, name of the account holder, and the billing address.Once you've made your choice, review and agree to the Terms & Conditions and then click Place Your Order.

I'm that 5G guy. I've actually been here for every "G." I've reviewed well over a thousand products during 18 years working full-time at, including every generation of the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S. I also write a weekly newsletter, Fully Mobilized, where I obsess about phones and networks.

We put dozens of phones a year through rigorous testing to find out which ones live up to their ad copy and which are just phoning it in. If you're buying a phone on Verizon right now, these are the best you can get.

Verizon lost to T-Mobile in our 2022 Best Mobile Networks results, but it might not stay behind for long. The carrier's big launch of C-Band 5G in 46 regions of the country could make a significant difference, as long as you have a C-band compatible phone. You can check availability on Verizon's coverage map(Opens in a new window). Speed probably isn't why you're coming to or staying with Verizon, though. The carrier historically performs well in rural areas.

Verizon still has a selection of voice phones, which it calls "basic phones." Many of these are off-brand devices that were custom-built for Verizon; they're inexpensive, but most of them aren't very good.

The primary exceptions are more expensive: the Kyocera DuraXV Extreme and the Sunbeam F1. The DuraXV Extreme is rugged and loud; the F1 comes in three feature-restricted versions for folks who really don't want web browsing or email on their phones. Both are good choices.

If you need more help buying a phone, check out our story on the best cheap phones for our favorite low-cost picks. While you're at it, take a look at our lists for the best phones on AT&T and T-Mobile, and head over to our Readers' Choice picks for 2022's top mobile carriers.

Receive up to $504 promo credit ($180 w/Welcome Unlimited, $360 w/ 5G Start, or $504 w/5G Do More, 5G Play More, 5G Get More or One Unlimited for iPhone plan (Welcome Unlimited and One Unlimited for iPhone plans can't be mixed w/other Unlimited plans; all lines on the account req'd on respective plans)) when you add a new smartphone line with your own 4G/5G smartphone on an eligible postpaid plan between 2/10/23 and 4/5/23. Promo credit applied over 36 months; promo credits end if eligibility requirements are no longer met.

In early May I switched over 4 lines through the BYOD program. I applied for the rebates right away and followed all the rules to the letter. All the phones we brought over have been activated for over 45 days now. I received emails from Verizon announcing that my gift cards were ready, which is great.

The problem is that when I went into a Verizon store to discuss using the gift card to purchase a new phone, I was told that I can NOT use the gift card to buy a new phone from Verizon. He told me that I had to wait 6 months to buy a new device from them and that I have to buy it myself or do a payment plan - no gift cards accepted. why? There is nothing in the fine print that says that and I told him so but he was insistent.

I know you need to stay with Verizon for one year otherwise they will charge you back for the balance of the gift cards, but 6 months before you can use your gift card to buy a new device from them? He told me I could walk into the Apple store and buy a new phone and activate it with Verizon no problem. But nope, cannot use my credit to buy a phone from them. I can only use it to pay my bill.

I tried multiple times on 2 different computers (desktop and laptop) to purchase a new phone through the website.The website can not process my credit card. It doesn't give me a specific reason, it only says that there was a problem processing the card. When I called my bank they assured me that there was no issue with the card, the payment should go through without problem.

When I contact the chat or the phone support I've been talking/on hold for hours, yet nothing goes through, they don't know why and they can't process the payment. At this point it is utterly ridiculous, it shouldn't be so difficult to buy a phone!

I don't want to to go the Verizon store, it's for one too dangerous with Covid going on and for two, they store close to here always is so full that one has to wait forever till finally somebody helps. It simply can't be that buying a phone is such a huge issue.

I have bought my Verizon phones through best buy in store the last several years and have no issues with best buy activating them. I bought a Verizon branded phone through them over the summer. Last Christmas bought my son an unlocked Samsung phone for verizon there and no issues.. Pay cash and in and out in less than 30min. Mary

And I went in the meantime to the local Verizon store. And the people there refused to sell me a phone. They said they only do curb side pickup and bill payments. They suggested I buy a phone at walmart. Which I did.

But that phone uses a slot for the sim card that doesn't fit the old phone. So now I can't activate the new phone. They told me I easily could get a sim card that fits and would allow me to activate the phone through verizon.. . And so we're back full circle. At this point I'm absolutely livid. This is truly unacceptable. How a company with such absolutely ridiculous issues can stay in business is beyond me.

Yes. If you buy a verison branded phone the activation SHOULDN't be an issue... but if you run into the probolem with the sim card not fitting it is a problem. Especially if the store refuses to help.

Verizon will send the recipeint a text message congratulating the person on their new phone even if the phone was not activated. I purchased a new phone for my sone as a surprise and two days later he received a text from verizon congratulating him on his new phone even though he would not receive it for his birthday for 2 weeks.

Verizon makes upgrading your mobile device a simple process. Your account cannot be past due, and your phone or tablet must be eligible for an upgrade. You may be able to upgrade a mobile device after as little as thirty days of use, provided you have paid at least fifty percent of the retail device and the original device is in good working order with little to no damage.

If you have a phone that is not eligible for a Verizon upgrade, you may be able to trade it in, depending on what the phone is worth. If you wait to trade in a device until Verizon offers a trade-in promotion, you may even be able to trade in phones with cracked screens or similar damage, usually for a set amount towards your new device.

If you opt for a new device via DPP, you will lose your current plan. You also must be out of contract to do so. Buying full retail or used is your only real option I believe. You could theoretically begin a new line of service, but that defeats the purpose of saving money. Your best bet is to buy a used phone, compatible with Verizon of course, from Glyde, Gazelle, Swappa, etc.... Or, you could borrow a working unit from a friend or relative until you can either afford a new phone, afford payments, or upgrade with a new contract. (only current and out of contract customers can sign up for a contract anymore) You might also tell us what plan you currently have and maybe a new plan is a better option. 041b061a72


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