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In the LxH version, after Kotonoha has killed Sekai, Makoto is shown frozen from shock while Nanami and Hikari, having seen what happened, scream in a panic. Kotonoha, still insane, tries to hand the hacksaw to Makoto. Being shocked by what she did, he slaps her hand aside and knocks the hacksaw away under the bridge, slicing Kotonoha's hand open in the process. She decides to get her scarf and tries to suffocate Makoto for the apparent rejection, but then she she starts crying and stops, presumably still being in love with Makoto enough for her to snap and realize that her actions have forever condemned her from being with him.

Girls Forever (478) mp4

Achieved through the Conflicting Desires episode, after Makoto sleeps with Kotonoha, then goes to Sekai. Makoto makes it clear he likes Sekai. Because of this, Nanami and the other girls start bullying Kotonoha to keep her away from Makoto for Sekai. Nanami warns her not to get close to Makoto and has the other girls do all they can to keep Kotonoha away from him, including drop the boxed lunch that she made for him. However, Makoto learns about this from overhearing Otome's friends talking about it and confronts a shocked Sekai on the bullying, then searches for Kotonoha to find her right when she's cornered and about to be slapped by Kumi. Makoto grabs Kumi's hand, claiming to the shocked girls that he's Kotonoha's boyfriend and intends to protect her, lecturing them for being bullies as he takes an overjoyed Kotonoha back with him. The pair then run into Sekai and Nanami, the former in tears while the latter confesses to being the one who put the other girls up to bullying Kotonoha for Sekai's sake. Makoto seems to hold Sekai at fault for it nonetheless and breaks up with her, leaving her crying in the halls with Kotonoha seeming sorry for her. The game ends with Makoto and Kotonoha having lunch and kissing, rekindling their relationship.

Makoto tells Setsuna that he wants to have partial job but can't because of his sister (Itaru), who Makoto calls his girlfriend and later clarifies it was a joke. Setsuna says she didn't know Makoto had a thing for little girls.

Inori falls ill and Setsuna vows to stay by her side. There's lots of gossip about Makoto by all the girls who like or are otherwise involved with him, but his relationship status remains undefined when this ending abruptly occurs.

Makoto becomes closer to Kokoro and eventually has sex with her. After being attacked by Kotonoha, who believes at first that he's molesting her sister, he is then made to promise that he won't do it with Kokoro again until the latter is she is at proper age for such a thing. Nevertheless, she finds herself attracted to Makoto as well. Several months later, Kotonoha invites Makoto to come spend Christmas Eve with her at a luxury hotel, but Kokoro comes in and accuses her sister of trying to steal away him. The two girls start arguing about dating with Makoto at Christmas, but he tells them to stop, holds both of them to his chest and say that he can't wait till then. Kotonoha and Kokoro sheepishly agree.

Kazuha and Futaba intend to seduce Makoto in the days of the festival, under the guise of inviting him to spend times with them. But Manami scares away the girls while proclaims that she won't give Makoto to them, allowing her to take him for herself instead. After seducing Makoto at his front door, they proceed to move to his bedroom where they have sex all day. This causes Makoto to miss his prior arrangement to go to the festival with Setsuna, Kotonoha and Kokoro, which was Manami's goal.

After having sex, they walk out from woods holding hands together. Kokoro is excited that her plan of matching Makoto and Kotonoha succeeded, whereas Setsuna leaves upset with the development. As the new semester begins, Sekai is discussing finding a boyfriend with Setsuna at the train station when suddenly she sees the boy she has a crush on (Makoto) being taken by a girl from Class 4 (Kotonoha). Setsuna sees the couple too and promptly moves forward to kick Makoto over for the heartache he caused for being oblivious to how two other girls (Sekai and Setsuna) had liked him, but she then gives her blessing to the pair nonetheless. Kotonoha responds happily.

Makoto confesses to having feelings for Inori and she accepts. Natsuhi makes an appearance with Shun and has a talk about the secret between them; Inori is their daughter, making Makoto her half-uncle. Inori, Setsuna, and Kotonoha perform the Shinto Dance to the crowd at Ashikaga Shrine, which is very successful. After the Shinto Dance, Makoto meets Inori, and after he kisses and has sex with her, they vow to be together forever.

Yuuki realizes that he loves Makoto, but after their final sex, he decides that they can't be together anymore, and makes "Yuu" disappear forever. Makoto is heartbroken - ironically fulfilling Yuuki's original goal of ruining Makoto's hedonistic lifestyle - with Kotonoha is still following him around, while Yuuki goes on and dates Roka.

Makoto ends up dancing with Sekai in one ending, however In another variation of this ending, Kyomi succeeds in seducing her elder brother Kyouichi Kasannoin, which makes Nanami depressed. Then Hikari drags Makoto to the restroom, Makoto sleeps with Hikari and they hook up afterwards (though she lends him out on a regular basis much like in Hikari's School Days Ending: Everyone's Makoto). Nanami discovers that her boyfriend has been cheating on her with several younger girls and is heartbroken. In the post credit epilogue, Hikari and Roka invite Nanami over to be 'cheered up' by sharing Makoto with her. Hikari has sex with Makoto while Roka helps Nanami get in the mood. While Makoto sleeps with Nanami, Roka calls out Hikari on her real feelings and both reminisce on their failed love lives. It is also implied that Makoto is still dating with a girl(maybe Kotonoha or Sekai) while cheating on massive numbers of girls.

Roka has heard from Katou and misunderstood that Ruka Imagawa and Yuuki confessed to each other and had intercourse in the rest room. Yuuki denies this, and gets mad at Roka for believing Katou's made up rumor. Chie confirms that Yuuki was in the rest room with Ruka. Roka shouts to Yuuki that she hates him. Yuuki gets upset and runs away. As Mugi and Natsuki discuss the matter further, Ruka appears and clears up the misunderstanding by showing her actual boyfriend (Ishimaru from an older class) to all of the girls there. Roka, Chie and the other girls are shocked and run away to find Yuuki. Makoto sees them running past him as he's heading to the reception in front of the rest room and get confused. He arrives there, asking where Katou is. Kotonoha takes this opportunity and tells him that she's still his girlfriend, that she loves him and invites him to the rest room. Makoto hesitated and disagreed at first, but in the end, he said that he loved her too and accepted her invitation. Meanwhile, Yuuki is crying in the library, heartbroken and betrayed. Kyouichi finds him and offers to cheer him up by introducing him to another girl. Inside the rest room, Makoto and Kotonoha are about to have sex.

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