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Mere Dad Ki Maruti Movie: A Fun and Entertaining Ride That Celebrates Family and Love

Mere Dad Ki Maruti Movie Download Hd 1080p

If you are looking for a fun and light-hearted comedy movie to watch with your family or friends, you might want to check out Mere Dad Ki Maruti. This is a 2013 Hindi movie directed by Ashima Chibber and starring Saqib Saleem, Rhea Chakraborty, Ram Kapoor, Prabal Panjabi, and Ravi Kishan. The movie revolves around a young man who loses his dad's brand new car on a date night and tries to find it before his dad finds out. The movie is full of hilarious situations, witty dialogues, and catchy songs that will make you laugh and enjoy.

Mere Dad Ki Maruti Movie Download Hd 1080p


In this article, we will tell you more about the movie, its plot summary, its reviews, and its download options. We will also give you some tips on how to download the movie in HD quality without compromising your safety or legality. So, read on and find out how you can watch Mere Dad Ki Maruti in HD 1080p.


Mere Dad Ki Maruti is a comedy of errors that takes place in Chandigarh during a loud Punjabi wedding. The movie was released on March 15, 2013 by Y-Films, a subsidiary of Yash Raj Films. The movie was inspired by the Hollywood film Dude, Where's My Car? (2000), but with a desi twist. The movie was well-received by both critics and audiences for its fresh and entertaining story, its relatable characters, and its humorous treatment of a common problem faced by many youngsters.

The movie features a talented cast of actors who deliver convincing and enjoyable performances. Saqib Saleem plays Sameer Khullar, the bratty son who thinks he can get away with anything. Rhea Chakraborty plays Jasleen, aka Jazzleen, aka Chandigarh ki Shakira, the hot college girl who Sameer wants to impress. Ram Kapoor plays Tej Khullar, Sameer's dad who is stingy but loves his family. Prabal Panjabi plays Gattu, Sameer's best friend who helps him in his misadventures. Ravi Kishan plays Hussain Pathan, a car dealer who sells stolen cars.

The movie is worth watching for its simple yet engaging plot, its hilarious moments, its catchy music, and its message for the youth. The movie shows how one lie can lead to another and create a mess that can be hard to clean up. It also shows how one should be responsible for one's actions and face the consequences with courage and honesty. The movie also celebrates the bond between father and son, and how they can overcome their differences and misunderstandings with love and forgiveness.

Plot summary

The plot of Mere Dad Ki Maruti is set in Chandigarh, where a wedding is about to take place at the Khullar House. Tej Khullar has bought a new Maruti Ertiga car as a wedding gift for his daughter Tanvi and her fiancé Raj. Sameer Khullar, Tej's son, is a college student who is smitten by Jasleen, a popular girl in his college. Sameer wants to impress Jasleen and take her out on a date, but he does not have a car. He decides to borrow his dad's new car without his permission and take Jasleen for a ride. However, things go wrong when he loses the car at a parking lot and cannot find it. He realizes that the car was stolen by Hussain Pathan, a notorious car dealer who sells stolen cars.

Sameer panics and calls his friend Gattu for help. They try to track down Hussain Pathan and get the car back, but they face many obstacles and challenges along the way. They also try to hide the truth from Tej, who is busy with the wedding preparations and does not notice that his car is missing. Sameer comes up with various lies and excuses to avoid his dad's suspicion and anger. He also tries to keep Jasleen happy and interested in him, but he faces competition from another guy who likes her.

The movie follows Sameer's hilarious and adventurous journey to find his dad's car and save his love life. He learns some valuable lessons about honesty, responsibility, loyalty, and family in the process. He also realizes how much he loves his dad and how much his dad loves him. The movie ends with a happy and funny twist that resolves all the conflicts and misunderstandings.

Movie reviews

Mere Dad Ki Maruti received positive reviews from both critics and audiences for its comedy and entertainment value. The movie was praised for its fresh and original story, its witty and humorous dialogues, its lively and colorful characters, its catchy and upbeat music, and its realistic and relatable portrayal of a Punjabi family. The movie was also appreciated for its message for the youth about being honest and responsible for their actions.

The movie scored an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars from various critics . Some of the positive comments from the critics are: - "Mere Dad Ki Maruti is a laugh riot that will tickle your funny bone till it hurts." - Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama - "Mere Dad Ki Maruti is a delightful comedy that works because it doesn't try too hard." - Rajeev Masand, CNN-IBN - "Mere Dad Ki Maruti is a fun ride that will make you smile throughout." - Anupama Chopra, Hindustan Times The movie also received a good response from the audiences, who enjoyed the movie for its comedy and entertainment quotient. The movie earned a total of Rs. 12.43 crore at the box office, making it a profitable venture for the makers. Some of the positive comments from the audiences are: - "Mere Dad Ki Maruti is a hilarious movie that will make you laugh out loud." - Ravi, Mumbai - "Mere Dad Ki Maruti is a sweet and simple movie that will touch your heart." - Priya, Delhi - "Mere Dad Ki Maruti is a fun-filled movie that will entertain you thoroughly." - Karan, Chandigarh The movie also had some drawbacks, such as its predictable plot, its clichéd characters, its weak climax, and its lack of depth and substance. Some of the negative comments from the critics and audiences are: - "Mere Dad Ki Maruti is a one-time watch that offers nothing new or memorable." - Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV - "Mere Dad Ki Maruti is a shallow and superficial movie that fails to impress." - Shubhra Gupta, Indian Express - "Mere Dad Ki Maruti is a boring and repetitive movie that wastes your time." - Rahul, Bangalore Movie download options

If you want to watch Mere Dad Ki Maruti online or download it in HD quality, you have two options: legal or illegal. The legal option is to watch the movie on an authorized streaming platform or website that has the rights to show the movie. The illegal option is to download the movie from an unauthorized torrent or file-sharing site that has pirated copies of the movie.

The legal option has many benefits over the illegal option. Some of them are: - You can watch the movie in high quality without any interruptions or glitches. - You can support the makers of the movie and help them earn their rightful revenue. - You can avoid any legal troubles or penalties for violating the copyright laws. - You can protect your device from any viruses or malware that may come with pirated files. Some of the legal platforms or websites where you can watch Mere Dad Ki Maruti online are b70169992d


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