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Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Hi! I’m Alexis Adams. An exercise physiologist, plant based nutritionist, women’s integrative health coach, and mama of three.

I grew up in a small town in northern Michigan and had a very active childhood. I have enjoyed movement since the moment I could remember; always dancing, running, playing outside.

I participated in a variety of sports; swimming likely my strongest and most enjoyable. I have always had a passion for people and the power of connection; forever befriending the person feeling left out and taking in ALLL the stuffed animals because not one could be left behind.

My early college years were focused on pre-law. I thought I could save the world by becoming a lawyer specializing in Environmental Law, but I learned quickly that law was not for me when I shadowed an attorney for a week and saw all the behind the scenes leg work and politics. I went in with rose colored glasses, just to walk out with a new direction. I stayed the course of college and ended up entering into International Sales, as I am also fluent in Spanish. Climbing the corporate ladder, I soon realized that sitting behind a desk all day was also not my destiny.

So I switched gears yet again and decided on a Masters in Exercise Physiology. I had been working on my health since I returned from a jaunt in Spain and had a great understanding of nutrition as well as movement for myself. It was time to put that experience and passion into a professional education and degree so that I could inspire others. After obtaining my degree, I worked at a top University Hospital in a clinic designed for assisting children, along with their families, on their health journeys. During this course of work, I birthed three babies and learned more about health than I ever expected. I learned how to eat with intuition for myself and my babies. I learned that stress management is likely the most powerful form of preventative action. I learned that manifestation was so powerful it could change the outcome of many situations. I learned to never underestimate the power of a mother’s drive and intuition.

It was during that time frame I became interested in holistic and integrative healthcare as well as a deep bond with others enduring the same stage of motherhood. There is a time and place for acute allopathic medicine, but there is great power in the body to heal itself and to prevent illness through food, movement, and environmental changes. Alternative practices such as the use of healing herbs, essential oils, specialized exercise training, mental health support, chiropractic care, and intuitive eating are all beneficial in specific circumstances. There is no one cure or one way to live, but supporting the goals of individuals is where my current work lies. I coach and support women during the transformation of their vision of personal health.

Today, I have found my current destiny and when I’m not homeschooling my three kiddos or working on my career or personal goals, I am likely doing something active with my husband and three boys. We love to spend time with family and friends and to be outside biking, hiking, playing basketball, skiing, or having water gun fights. We also have been working on planting our organic vegetable, herb and medicinal healing gardens. A daily practice of meditation and yoga fills my spirit with joy and gratitude.

“You alone are enough, you have nothing to prove to anybody” ~Maya Angelou

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