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James Garcia
James Garcia

Mobistar Internet Everywhere EXCLUSIVE Download 15

This solution is perfect for people who only use the internet for basic things such as searches, e-banking, online purchases or social media access. The subscription is not suited to intensive use such as large image or video downloads.

mobistar internet everywhere download 15

Even with Gigabit download speeds, upload speeds are limited to 'only' 40 Mbit/s for residential plans. It is believed Telenet will not increase their upload speed, because DSL can not exceed 40 Mbit/s upload due to hardware restrictions, until Proximus rolls out supervectoring.This means that for most households, 40 Mbit/s upload is the maximum they can get.Only providers using fiber and LTE networks offer faster uploads, but home internet over LTE is nowhere near as popular (yet), and FttH networks are still pretty new in Belgium and not widely available. 350c69d7ab


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